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OUBER Proudct After-sale Service Item

OUBER Product After-sale Service Item

OUBER air cooler machine one year warranty,motor two years warranty ( notice :OUBER specify engineering contractor is responsible for the on-site maintenance service for the user,OUBER factory is responsible for the dealer scrappage bad parts ) ,OUBER specify engineering contractor is responsible for providing life-long maintenance services for a fee (Warranty service free of charge ) . After the warranty expires and does not belong to free warranty within the scope of the fault are paid maintenance services,OUBER Specify the engineering contractor renewal service for the users. If the product need to renew the service and maintenance, please consult the user with the specified parker engineering or the after-sale service department contact parker.


The following does not belong to free warranty scope :

Change cooling pads ;

Users replace the unit by themselves and cause failure;

The original failure due to using the environment does not meet the requirements. (like unstable' voltage supply、impurities in water or The serious pollution and so on) ;

The factors of force majeure ( like wind damage、fire、 earthquake and soon) cause the failure;

Because the user is not standard installation、use or other failure caused by human factors;

Lack of maintenance of the original fault ;

Beyond the scope of use


After-sales service hotline : 0757-23623060

MR.Wu ( Service supervisor )


Please let’s know your enquiry and we’ll reply you within 24 hours


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Annie Huang (Sales manager)

Annie Huang (Sales manager)
Cel: +86-139 0256 8863
Tel: +86-0757-2362 3068
Email: aircooler@ouber.com

Lucy Luo (Sales manager)

Lucy Luo (Sales manager)
Cel: +86 180 3887 9175
Tel: +86-0757-2223 1278
Email: Lucy@ouber.com

Fiona Wang(Sales Assistant)
Cel: +86 180 2817 1738
Tel: +86-0757-2362 3068
Email: Fiona@ouber.com

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