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OUBER Product 10 Performance Characteristics

OUBER Original product technical performance characteristics

One professor said: Don't hurt by copy, must run faster and further than the copy cats..Therefore, OUBER must constantly upgrade technology and products.

1、OUBER air cooler super saving energy, Fixed style applied to China southern factory (80~100 m) or the 10~150mrbuiness environment, only1.1kwperhour. Less electricity than industrial fan.

2、OUBER initiate waterproof controller which is sealing glue, has single speed, 2 speed, 3speed and 50 speed control mode to choose.OUBER air cooler has a lot of function, like open phase protection model (three-phase), over current protection mode (single phase), over voltage protection, low voltage protection,water protection, manual/automatic sewage cleaning ,automatic startup shutdown can be set temperature humidity ,wind speed linkage and humidity limit(optional) and so on. Because of this, OUBER is the industry leader.

3、OUBER use new material injection molding shell part,with PP copolymer modified engineering plastics. The test data tell us it can resist the sun ten years in the tropics. The shell can resist shock, heat and aging(even UV), structure of the solid, can against the power of 12 grade typhoons, the shell plastic parts warranty for 10 years.

4、OUBER initiate straight type centrifugal machine, suitable for post cooling or long-distance air supply, galvanized spiral rotor air volume is big、air pressure is high, smooth operation, completely eliminate the belt skid、break、noise product question, product’s unique design and running effect, The top of the industry.

5、OUBER air cooler (engineering), Cover a large air volume, high wind speed, high efficiency of pipe model and direct supply model of the large air volume, low noise model.Apply various occasions engineering equipment type selection.

6、Special dust-proof and waterproof motor(IP44), pure copper coils, pure silicon steel sheet、stable output, and has strong anti rust ability.

7、OUBER initiate circulating submersible pump、submersible sewage pump、mechanical water floating ball valve are reliable, stable, failure rate is very low, designed for use in bad environment.

8、OUBER initiate rigid PVC pipe+water distributor circulating water spray pattern, safe and reliable.Waterway parts warranty for 10 years.

9、OUBER cooling pad and blade, blade’s stripes can carry the weight of machine,OUBER 5090 cooling pad with edhe protection, can be use 5 to 7 years under normal use.

10、Shunt type super central models, 30000m³、60000m³ cooling pad house, with more specific ultra-quiet centrifugal wind ark, Specially designed for the northern region large Internet cafes, supermarkets, villas, offices and other low noise environment using design applications.

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