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OUBER Air Cooler Maintenance Method

1.Normal maintenance

a.While the factory outdoor has serious air pollution, should cleaning the outdoor unit frequently, 2 ~ 3 times a week. Normal environment is cleaned one time a month, duct without washing.

b.When the outdoor machine work half a year, should wash the chassis (including the chassis of pump, water level sensor and so on cleaning )and wash the cooling pad. Attention to water press must be moderate, if too high water press will brokenintemal parts, and also notice make water into the duct.

c.When winter comes the OUBER air cooler stop using for a long time, should turn off the water pipe locks, clicked “cleaning mode”function in the control panel,make the water empty, in the snowy area, outdoor units will cover the protective cover, to prevent dust and ice into the wet curtain body damage, when recovery before use must first take off guard again boot commissioning.

d.Environmental protection air conditioning equipment must be conducted by professional maintenance personnel, maintenance downtime must shut off the power switch, and hang “under construction, it is forbidden to switch”warning signs.

e.When the OUBER air cooler tripping should be sending again after troubleshooting of commissioning.

f.First time to use will smell some taste, after 24 hours of continuous use to disappear gradually.

g.OUBER air cooler outdoor unit waterproof shutter cannot force directly, it is strictly prohibited at the time of installation or transportation will shutter as a stress point to move.

h.The remote control battery life of about 2 year, when there is a remote control to reflect lag when a new battery should be replaced.

i.OUBER air cooler outdoor unit mounting bracket annual check its robustness, if there is a rusting phenomenon should be antirust paint processing.


1.Special items

A. Every year for the first time to turn on the OUBER air cooler, ensure around the air cooler has noting, and check to ensure the supply of water and electricity is normal,there is a problem to maintenance treatment for commissioning.

a.Blow out first commissioning if it is faulty, you should use the manual cleaning function, multiple water discharge sewage, water until no peculiar smell.

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